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       There are two main lines in Huawen, FISH and THICK DRIED TOFU. After several years of hard work, Jinzai and Boweiyuan have been the popular brands in China.

      ·Little fish, you’ll like it!

      The sales volume is leading the Chinese market! Under the Jinzai brand little fish, which is undoubtedly the super star product in Huawen, is loved by people in every district in China. The raw material is selected for at least 3 times to make sure that every little fish you eat is of the best quality. And they are both delicious and healthy.

      ·Traditional Chinese dried tofu!

      If you know the culture of Chinese Food, tofu is the one of dish you won’t miss! Chinese have always been devoted ourselves to the process of tofu. And the thick dried tofu is the revolutionary product in the traditional Chinese food area. Huawen invented every auto machine to manufacture the dried tofu people like, and reformed the traditional snack food but still remain the ancient culture of it. All the beans we use are 100% NON-GMO.

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